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Diane Kirkham Master Clinical Hypnotherapist & NLP Practitioner

Hypnotherapy For

Proven Hypnosis - Master Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP

Clinic located - Red Hill 4059  Brisbane or Online consultations 

Beat Anxiety rapid results, Stress and Burn out

Perhaps anxiety or low self belief is preventing you from doing the things that you want to do in life. Stop biting those fingernails.

Hypnotherapy for anxiety can help you take back control, feel calm, build confidence and believe in yourself. 

Change your mind today.

Learning and Capability

Do you need a little help for focus and concentration? maybe the thought of exams or tests makes you anxious?  Can't remember what you read on the page or the words are a bit jumbly.

Hypnosis for learning can help you train your brain to build the motivation, focus and confidence you need to unlock your potential and succeed.

Weight Loss

How many diets have you tried and failed to maintain the weight loss?  Hypnotherapy for weight loss can help you succeed naturally , and set you up to improve overall health and well being for the long-term.

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis is available without the risk of surgery.

Reduce Alcohol


Is alcohol affecting your health, relationships, life? You feel like you have lost control and one too many or bingeing is becoming a daily habit?  Stop drinking hypnosis will give you the tools and strategies to do this now  and be ready to take on the world again.


Let me help you comfortably and quickly escape the horrors of trauma, PTSD or phobias without going over the traumatic incident again. 

Enabling you to become emotionally free to live the life you want and be ready to take on the world again.

Sport or Business


Margins matter.

If you have a mental block when it comes to achieving your goals, or can't find your edge any more.

Do you dread giving a presentation or speaking up.

 Hypnotherapy can help you focus and be a winner again.

Overcome your fears, phobias and negative thoughts

Do you have a fear of driving, lack confidence in social situations, doubt yourself all the time, spiders make you cringe, emetophobia is preventing you getting on with your day? Hypnosis for phobias is an effective therapy and can help you positively get on with life

Medical Hypnosis

Are you having difficulty coping with  a life limiting diagnosis e.g. cancer or a chronic condition ?

Does the thought of the dentist, needles or surgery scare you?

Night time enuresis is making the whole family anxious.

Want to cool down during menopause?

Live your life positively everyday with hypnotherapy

Stop Smoking

Do you want to overcome your fear to quit smoking? Perhaps vaping has a hold on you. 

Hypnosis for stop smoking can give you the motivation to stop and stay stopped.

Try it NOW!

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