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My Journey

Diane Kirkham DCR, MBA, AFIML

Master Clinical Hypnotherapist

Master NLP practitioner

Life and success coach

Thought Field Therapy Certification (Callahan technique)

Diploma of Modern Psychology

Master of Business Administration


Diane Kirkham Master Clinical Hypnotherapist

The rapid transformative power of clinical hypnotherapy and NLP and the positive lasting effects that can be achieved, resonate with my passion in effecting better self.  I am committed to enabling individuals to be the best they can be in their personal lives, the workplace or sport, remove those self limiting beliefs and emotional blocks and guide them to achieve their goals.  Whatever is holding you back be it anxiety, confidence, self- sabotage, weight management or other self limiting beliefs or addictive behaviours, I look forward to helping you achieve the best possible outcome.

I understand the anguish you may be feeling to pluck up the courage to take the first step to transform your life  possibly because of the fear of what might be on the other side of your comfort zone. Your unconscious mind knows you better than you do and it will guide you. In the not too distant future do you want to be saying "I wish I had tried that" or I AM glad I tried that"? 

Diane has over 35 years in the healthcare sector starting her career in England as a radiographer. She has been involved in the development and implementation of health screening programs and medical technology globally. In her many and varied clinical and corporate appointments Diane has initiated and delivered change to improve the health of organisations and the individuals within.


Diane understands the importance of each individuals contribution for effective and sustainable transformational change, whether that be in their organisation or their personal lives and the challenges when they are "stuck" and have no idea what's holding them back.


Diane has refocused to working with individuals to guide them through their own personal journey of rapid effective change to achieve their goals.  No goal is too small.


Hypnosis and NLP work.  How do I know? Using hypnotherapy opened my Authentic Self to Choose Me, Follow my Desire and have the Confidence to Step Off the Edge into this wonderful world of guiding people to live each day as their true self and the empowerment to reach their goals.

When I first studied hypnosis and NLP many years ago it 'blew my mind' , it still amazes me to today to witness the transformation in my clients.  You can change your mind today, rapidly and effectively with hypnotherapy.


If you want to unlock your Authentic self with Personalised service, start your Transformation to reach your potential today call me on 0408 009 073 for a confidential obligation free discussion about the change you want to achieve. 

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