What is the best way to overcome anxiety?

Understanding anxiety

Anxiety has many forms, whether it be panic, phobias, social anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, (OCD), Post Traumatic Stress  Disorder (PTSD) or General Anxiety Disorder.


We may feel anxious at work giving presentations or asking something from our boss, when we see a spider, snake or dog. Anxiety can affect us in our recreational or sporting pursuits whether we are a professional or weekend hacker on the golf course. We may feel anxious around people we don't know, catching public transport or any manner of daily tasks.  


These all inhibit how we perform and often stop us from doing everyday things. Anxiety is a coping mechanism that is attempting to remove us from a perceived threat or dangerous situation.  In many ways anxiety is actually a safety valve.  Have you ever said “ I can’t cope with this anymore”  or “I need to run away from all this”? 

What causes anxiety is nothing more complex than stress, either caused by a single event or a build up overtime of smaller events. Our barrel becomes full and we just can’t take any more, when this happens overwhelm occurs.  We have too much on our plate, more keeps coming and over the years we have developed a pattern of how we respond. 


When we have anxiety the brain is reading a situation as dangerous or unsafe and creating a response in your brain and body to remove you from that situation. The problem is you don’t like the anxiety responses as they don’t feel safe. It’s like an alarm bell, the only problem is the alarm bell is going off most of the time even when there isn’t any fire. Once this happens it’s like a bad habit.  Anything that makes you feel in any way out of control or not safe, the brain/body switches on the anxiety response; even though you may know better and not want it to happen. 


Just as with a smoke alarm you change the battery or have the wires checked regularly, so everything is working correctly and not firing off randomly.  Using Hypnotherapy we can retrain your brain away from the constant red alert to normal functioning levels of awareness. No matter how long you have had it, you can get some relief and Take Back Control. 


Overcoming anxiety can be one of the most empowering and life affirming experiences you can have.  Just imagine feeling in control and having the freedom to do what you want to do. 




Anxiety Program Benefits 


An anxiety program at APT Hypnotherapy will not only manage your symptoms that affect you on a day to day basis but acknowledge the root cause(s) of your anxiety, discover what's holding you back from living the life you want  and develop effective strategies to reach the outcomes you desire.  


You will also learn simple techniques you can use everyday or when you feel that feeling of panic or overwhelm coming on.

The beneficial changes of each session will soon become part of your everyday life.

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