Benefits of Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis can help you unlock your inner resources and rewire your brain to take back control, relax and unlock your potential to live a happy healthy life:


Anxiety - Get rid of anxiety, feel better physically, mentally and emotionally, breakdown negative destructive patterns and replace them with more positive and comfortable ways of thinking.  Are your OCD rituals getting in your way? Do you need hypnosis to stop nail biting or  stop scratching?

Build confidence and self esteem - smash those beliefs you hold about yourself and the triggers that prevent you reaching your potential.

Fears -gain the confidence to leave your fears in the past

Grief and sadness - have you lost a loved one, pet, a job or your business. Grief hides itself well, yet manifests in many ways. Hypnosis for grief can help you move on and live your life.

Hypnosis for Children - is enuresis (bedwetting) a nightly habit affecting the whole family? is your child getting stressed with exams? or struggling with maths or reading?  Hypnotherapy can help.

Insomnia - alter bad sleeping habits and establish a better style of sleep.  Improve your overall health and well being with a good nights sleep

Internal chatter and negative self talk - stop those thoughts that confuse you and restrict you moving forward

Medical diagnosis - if you or your loved one has received a diagnosis whether it be a chronic disease or  terminal illness such as cancer, it can be a very challenging, stressful and fearful time. Hypnotherapy can help you develop strategies to be in control, think and live positively every day.

Menopause - cool down, be in control and relax hypnotherapy can help you manage your symptoms.

Over indulgence -  alcohol, smoking, gambling. Stop and get back in control.

Pain - learn techniques to overcome emotional or physical pain

Phobias - If you overcame your phobia, whatever it may be, how would your life change?  Perhaps you could drive along the highway or get on that plane. Not be afraid of spiders or dogs, or snakes.  Be out socially when your emetophobia is under control.  Is a fear of needles or injections holding you back?


Relaxation - emotional relaxation is beneficial for your whole system

Self-sabotage - "I'm not good enough"  how is this affecting your life or even your relationships?

Weight loss - tried many diets and they've failed or not sustainable, and don't know why. Need a boost to help you get back on track and establish better eating and lifestyle habits for a healthy future.

Virtual Gastric Band - are issues with obesity affecting your health? Installing a virtual gastric band without the surgery will help you reduce portion size, feel fuller and more satisfied with less food.  Improve body image, confidence, self-esteem and lifestyle choices.

AND SO MUCH MORE..........................................


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"Diane I want to thank you for working with my husband.  The dramatic change in him in such a short period of time is incredible.  He has stopped drinking completely and is back to his happy, confident self of 30 years ago.  You are an amazing woman and have saved his life!

LS June 2020

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