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It may have crept up on you during these last few weeks of lockdown. It's easy when you're at home, just to have one more, don't have to drive, don't have to face your boss or colleagues face to face in the morning, no-one can smell your breath or tell how bleary your eyes are online.

Maybe the stress of home schooling has tipped you over the edge and rather than waiting till you got home from work and cooking dinner you've realised that you needed one as soon as you determined school work was over for the afternoon.

Sound like you?  Well you are not alone


Recent statistics from the Foundation of Alcohol and Research Education (FARE) show that 70% of the respondents they surveyed are drinking more than they did before the pandemic, 34% say they are now drinking everyday and 20% are starting earlier in the day. 30% drinking more to cope with emotional distress, (home schooling, anxiety, loneliness).

The recommended levels (in Australia) are no more than 10 std drinks per week and have at least 1 alcohol free day 1 x 100ml glass of wine is 1 std drink.

Now we are drinking mainly at home, how standard is your glass? Have you crossed the line from just being social?

If your level of drinking is concerning you and you want to cut down, click on the button below  





My Beyond Booze - Reduce Alcohol program will enable you to take back control and look at alcohol intake in a completely different way. 


What will you get with the program:

Control back in your life and lead the way to be a fitter, healthier you

1 x 2hr initial session, 2 x 1hr follow-up sessions

Confidential personalised program

Ability to break the habit that you have programmed  

Identify the underlying causes that trigger your need for alcohol 

Look at areas of your life that might need a tweak or modification.

Face to face consultation in the clinic or if you prefer the comfort of your own home, wherever you are in the world, online sessions are available via zoom.

Program cost AUD 710  

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