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Hypnotherapy for Children

When you contact me about the problem your child is having and what you believe would be a good outcome, we will spend a little time on the phone discussing the symptoms and any treatment you may have tried and whether hypnotherapy would be appropriate.

The first in clinic session will include yourself or both parents/guardians. I may even want to see you on your own first, as it important for you also to learn strategies to use to support your child.

Hypnosis for Nocturnal Enuresis ( Bedwetting)

Has your child never been consistently ( 6 months or more ) dry at night? of maybe they have been dry at night for a prolonged period and then suddenly begins wetting the bed?

There are a number of contributory factors that cause nocturnal enuresis, such as :

  • Slow development of the regulatory system that allow the bladder to gradually distend over many hours without emptying.

    • the body is slow to produce the antidiuretic hormone (ADH), which limits urine production during sleep

    • it may also be hereditary, that is one of the parents used to wet the bed.

  • Small bladder capacity

  • Underlying medical problem, including urinary tract infection - diagnosed and treated by a medical practitioner

  • Emotional stress or anxiety - such as moving home, a new baby, problems at school or with friends, family difficulties, losing a pet.  A child can be deeply upset by something that we as adults think is insignificant.

  • Deep sleep - you might have tried to use an enuresis alarm, which wakes everyone else in the household but the child themselves.

Hypnotherapy for nocturnal enuresis can:

  • Change a negative mindset and understand their body is learning a new process and a new habit

  • Install the belief that the child can take conscious control of the problem

  • Notice and respond appropriately to signals from the bladder

    • Sleep more lightly, wake when necessary, walk to the toilet and return to bed and drop to sleep immediately.

  • Build self esteem and confidence

  • Increase the child's ability to cope with minor set-backs and deal with stressful situations more calmly and easily.

Hypnosis for Sleep

There are a number of common factors that keep children from falling asleep or prevent the from falling back to sleep if they wake at night, such as:

  • Worrying  thoughts and feeling

  • Sounds - in or outside the house

  • Being frightened of the dark

  • Fear of spooky creatures or monsters

  • Nightmares or disturbing dreams

Hypnotherapy for sleep can:

  • Help your child feel safe, whilst in bed

  • Increase calm and relaxation

  • Get to the root cause of the problem and eliminate anxieties, worries and fears

  • Build confidence and self-esteem

Hypnosis for Learning and capability

Does your child do well during term time but gets anxious at exam time? Feel they don't meet their parents (your) expectations? Lack focus and concentration? Lack confidence in their ability and have low self-esteem? have difficulty with unsympathetic teachers?

Hypnotherapy for learning can:

  • Boost self image and confidence

  • Discover and emphasise a child's strengths

  • Ignore unhelpful negative beliefs

  • Improve listening and concentration skills

  • Improve courage/confidence to ask for help when they need it

  • Help them manage their difficulties


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