Frequently Asked Questions about hypnotherapy

What is Hypnotherapy and NLP?

Hypnotherapy and NLP are powerful tools that can be used in everyday life to help you achieve the things that you want.



What does Hypnotherapy do?

We are all different and our behaviour is shaped by our beliefs and life's experiences which sometimes limits our potential. We can hold ourselves back, get overwhelmed with anxiety, burn-out, have negative looping thoughts or phobias and often don't know how to change or where to go for help.  Perhaps you're not be able to stop yourself drinking, overeating, smoking or other addictive behaviours.

Sometimes we face challenges following trauma, a build up of stressful events, a life-limiting diagnosis such as cancer or other chronic debilitating diagnosis or consciously we just can't pin-point why we feel down, unmotivated or we lack confidence.

Hypnotherapy breaks down your fears, anxiety, negativity and limitations.  It boosts confidence and self-esteem, gives you focus and motivation and promotes relaxation and positive emotional well-being.  Gives you the peace of mind you have been looking for to achieve your goals and live the life you want.

What does it feel like?

Hypnosis is like being in a daydream.  Have you ever been so absorbed in a book or a movie that you are unaware of activity around you.  Ever arrived at a familiar placed can't remember parts of the journey to get there?

You are always in control under hypnosis.  You can still hear sounds around you or scratch your nose if you need to.  You can come out of hypnosis whenever you want?

What is the obligation free phone call about?

You may have been curious to find a therapy to help you and wondered what hypnotherapy is or if it is right for you.

During this obligation free 15 minute phone call I can answer any questions or concerns you may have about hypnotherapy and the services I offer.  It gives us an opportunity for you to find out a little bit more about me and me to  find out a little bit more about you and the change you are motivated to achieve. From there if you feel comfortable that I am the right practitioner for you we can book your first appointment and start you on your journey to a happy healthy life.

What happens in a session?

APT Hypnotherapy is a calm, nurturing safe environment.  In your first session we discuss in more detail your presenting issue(s) and the outcome you want to achieve.   From this information I will design a personalised program for you, utilising the most appropriate techniques, to find the root cause of the problem(s) and effectively guide you to be open to suggestion and develop strategies from the resources within you to unlock your potential to live happily and optimally.

How many sessions do I need?

For most conditions on average 3-6 sessions is recommended.  Everyone is an individual, their issues are unique and they can respond differently to therapy so this is only a guide.

How much does a session cost?

Sessions can be in clinic or online via zoom so no matter where you are in the world, geography is no limitation.

Initial consultation      = 2 hours $350

Subsequent session  = 1 hour   $180 (conditions apply)

Addiction therapy       = 2 hour consultations

Group online programs - generally 4 week programs, pricing varies.

Payment is required at the time of booking

Cancellation Policy.  A 50% cancellation fee applies for all bookings cancelled within 48 hours of the appointment time.  Non-attendance may incur a full fee.  

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