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Diet Apples

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss Brisbane is a safe effective therapy that can change your mindset, habits and behaviours around food that have been acquired over a lifetime. Our eating patterns and lifestyle choices become habitual.

Utilising hypnotherapy for weight control you will subconsciously begin to think differently about the "blocks" to losing weight.

Hypnosis for Weight Loss 


How many excuses do you make really?

  • I'm too busy ( diets don't fit in with my lifestyle and they're too hard to maintain)

  • It's so difficult to do it on my own when I have family and friends around me that don't want to eat healthily or exercise.


Benefits of Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

  • break those habits and self-limiting beliefs

  • build confidence and motivation to move and take control

  • build self esteem and improve body image

  • improve your lifestyle choices resulting in a healthier you

  • your subconscious will positively support you in the change


At APT Hypnotherapy your weight loss program is tailored to you, your individual needs and your lifestyle.  Whether your weight gain is new to you or you have battled with your weight most of your life, your program will not only address your desire to lose wight with hypnosis, but also your relationship with food and movement.  Hypnotherapy for weight loss can change and improve other factors that diet alone cannot such as:

  • emotional eating

  • anxiety

  • self-limiting beliefs

  • motivation to exercise

  • cravings

  • fear of certain foods

  • menopause symptoms


How you feel and think becomes part of your everyday life and weight loss seems to happen naturally.  


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