Hypnosis for Weight Loss 

Are you struggling to lose weight or find you lose weight but can’t maintain a healthy weight?


Hypnosis for Weight Loss may be the therapy for you to keep you on track and maintain weight control naturally. Often we try different diets and they work for a while, as they're designed to do, but can sometimes be too difficult to maintain they may be too strict or don't fit in with your lifestyle and you revert back to the way you normally eat/drink and the weight eventually piles back on.  Often accompanied with disappointment or resolve , this is just how it it is.


What are your reasons for losing weight?


There can be many reasons why you want or need to lose weight or control your eating habits:

  • general concern for your overall health and fitness

  • cravings for certain types of foods

  • anxiety or emotional triggers that lead to overeating

  • obesity ( Australia is one of the most obese nations in the world )

  • Pre-diabetes and advice from your medical practitioner regarding lifestyle changes

  • Pre-surgery and advice from your medical practitioner regarding weight and lifestyle changes

  • loss of identity

  • improve confidence

  • missing out 


We are all different, have different eating habits, energy levels, activities that we are engaged in and stresses in our life that can contribute to our weight management.

Do you know how you eat?


We may know that we should change the foods we eat or our eating habits, do more exercise but it is so easy sometimes to put that aside and “start after the weekend” or have to eat up all those not so healthy things in the fridge or cupboard before we replace them with healthier choices. Or in fact we may not have sufficient knowledge on healthy eating. 


We make up excuses and lack motivation. I’m too busy, it’s so difficult to do it on my own when I have family or friends around me that don’t want to eat healthily or exercise.  Our eating patterns and lifestyle choices become habitual.

To achieve real long-term freedom from excess weight requires CHANGE


Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Hypnosis for Weight loss Brisbane is a safe and effective therapy that can change your mindset, habits and behaviours around food that have been acquired over a lifetime. APT Hypnotherapy is a nurturing and relaxing environment. 


Your program is tailored to you and your individual needs. Whether your weight gain is new to you or you have battled with your weight most of your life it will not only address your desire to lose weight in conjunction with your relationship with food, hypnosis can change and improve other factors that diet alone cannot such as :

  • emotional,

  • anxiety 

  • self-limiting beliefs 

  • motivation to exercise.





Utilising hypnosis you will subconsciously begin to think differently about the “blocks “ to losing weight and maintaining weight control. It will help you break those habits and self limiting beliefs, build confidence and motivation to move and take control, improving your lifestyle choices resulting in a healthier you. Your subconscious will positively support you in the change. 


How you feel and think becomes part of your everyday life and weight loss seems to happen naturally.  


Will Hypnotherapy work for me?


In Australia it is illegal to guarantee a treatment outcome including hypnotherapy.  However the majority of clients respond very well to hypnotherapy and experience the sustainable benefits rapidly.  If you are committed to the change you desire, are open and positive about hypnotherapy then your sessions to achieve your goals should be successful.  Hypnotherapy is not a magic pill administered by the qualified clinical hypnotherapist, it is your subconscious that does the work.  You have the power to change your mind.

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