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Hypnotherapy for Menopause

Have you lost your cool?

Hypnotherapy has been successful for many women going through menopause, especially those who do not want to take hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or can't take oestrogen rich foods or oestrogen based products.  My Menopause Relief Programme offers a natural therapy and provides you with practical and easy techniques to reduce the symptoms of menopause you experience.

Hypnotherapy for Menopause

Do you want the benefits of hypnosis for menopause?

  • the ability to turn down the heat and possibly reduce the amount of hot flushes occurring - stopping those rivers of sweat before they start or become a tidal wave washing over your body, leaving you drenched and drained of energy and dignity.

  • learn practical methods of controlling your hot flushes that are easy to use and remember

  • take back control, feel empowered

  • relaxation for the body, mind and spirit

  • reduce anxiety​

  • combat loss of libido and vaginal dryness

  • regain your identity

  • No medication involved

    • If you cannot take oestrogen based products or eat oestrogen rich foods this is an alternative method.

What does the programme include?

  • 1 x 2hr & 2 x 1hr sessions (weekly or fortnightly)

  • Clinic based or online

  • Tried and tested programme - results of a free trail proved to be very positive for 85% of participants with a reduction in frequency and intensity of hot flushes

  • Audio recordings for your specific needs for you to use at home 

  • Cost $690

Diane is an Advanced Menopause Relief Programme practitioner and has been through menopause herself

Use the power of your mind with menopause hypnosis

Diane Kirkham Master Clinical Hypnotherapist
Diane Kirkham Advanced Menopuase Practitioner
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