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Beyond Booze

Updated: May 11, 2021

Are you drinking too much? and recognise that you need help to cut down or stop. APT Hypnotherapy is a confidential safe environment to help you get back in control.

The events of 2020 (Covid19) have certainly changed our lives in many ways. Through the periods of lockdown, working from home, under employment, no employment, even having to home school the children, restrictive travel for holidays or see our loved ones, has had a huge impact on most of our lives. It has given us time to reflect on what is important to us but for many it has induced enormous stress and anxiety, loneliness and increased our bad habits and behaviours.

Have you been drinking more?

In Australia recent statistics (2020) from the Foundation of Alcohol and Research Education (FARE) show that 70% of the respondents they surveyed are drinking more than they did before the COVID 19 pandemic became part of our lives, 34% say they are now drinking everyday and 20% are starting earlier in the day. 30% drinking more to cope with emotional distress, (working form home, home schooling, anxiety, loneliness).

Worryingly, nearly one in five (18%) daily drinkers have further increased the amount of alcohol they have consumed since lockdown. In my experience, the clients that attend my clinic, 1 or 2 bottles of wine a day is becoming quite the norm. This is not healthy. Congratulations to those of you who have had the strength and courage to contact me and start your journey back to a healthier longer life.

The Standard drink

The recommended levels (in Australia) are no more than 10 std drinks per week and no more than 4 in one day. 1 x 100ml glass of wine is 1 std drink or 7.5std drinks/bottle.

​Now we are drinking more at home, how standard is your glass?

Why does it matter? Habits are formed quickly and can be hard to break.

Alcohol intake and its management is particularly important for well-being and mental health not only during this pandemic but in our normal daily lives. And there are also risks beyond the individual. One in 14 (7%) survey respondents felt that alcohol had worsened their household tensions since the COVID 19 pandemic and lockdown began. Unfortunately, whilst alcohol can help us relax and give us a brief feeling of euphoria, the effects are short-lived and the long-term negative consequences of over-using alcohol can be harmful. If you rely on alcohol to manage your emotional and mental health issues, that reliance can itself become a problem. You may well find that your drinking gets in the way of other activities and puts a strain on your relationships and your work and can further increase your social isolation.

What Can You Do About It?

While some will find that cutting down without support is possible, others will need assistance.

A frequent comment from my clients is "Why can't those around me not see that I need help"

If your level of drinking is concerning you and you want to cut down,

my Beyond Booze - Reduce Alcohol program will enable you to take back control and look at alcohol intake in a completely different way.

What will you get with the 3 session program:

  • Control back in your life and lead the way to be a fitter, healthier you

  • 1 x 2hr initial session, 2 x 1hr follow-up sessions

  • Confidential personalised program

  • Ability to break the habit that you have programmed

  • Identify the underlying causes that trigger your need for alcohol

  • Look at areas of your life that might need a tweak or modification.

Face to face consultation in the clinic or if you prefer the comfort of your own home, wherever you are in the world, online sessions are available via zoom.

Can you ride a bicycle?

If your drinking has become a habit, it’s worth remembering that drinking is merely a mental “program” - you have “programmed” yourself to drink alcohol in just the same way that you have programmed yourself to ride a bicycle.

And these mental programs can be re-set and re-written.

Hypnosis is an effective approach in dealing with the problems that excess alcohol can lead to - issues with relationships, anxiety, confidence, weight and health. It will identify those areas and aspects of your life that may require tweaks and modification. In particular, it will enable you to adapt, change and to look at alcohol intake in a completely new way.

Hypnotherapy will help you understand that alcohol is not essential to relaxation, and is not necessary as a crutch or coping mechanism. Look forward to develop your inner resources to a happy, healthier future.

If you're ready to get Beyond Booze now and know more about the program and get your life back on track contact me at