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Manage your Time Manage Your Life

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

How is your Life - Honestly?

Are you constantly feeling like you're always doing mundane things, never have time to do x,y,z... like a duck in water furiously paddling underneath and trying to give the appearance of being in control on the surface. Well.....

Have you ever asked yourself " What is important to me?" What is important to me in my life, career, relationships, health, financial independence?"

Probably not - As a consequence do you feel stuck where you are?

If you have Well Done. But what are you doing about it?

Time Management

Time management is about: • setting your goals and priorities,

• managing your life, • managing yourself.

Successful people are very results oriented and constantly think about how to use their time more efficiently.


Everything you do determines your success.

Everything you do either moves you towards success or away from success.

You can’t really save time as time just keeps going.

But you can utilise it better, by only doing the higher value important things.

How motivated are you, to be successful in your life ?

Goals and Objectives

" A goal should scare you a little and excite you a lot"

Do you have clear goals and objectives that you want to achieve in the long-term?

What would have the most positive impact on your life?

Say for example this is your career, what do you want to be doing in 5 years time? How do you want to be working?

Who are the people you want to be working with? What salary do you want? etc

Write these down 1. 2. 3.



Goal Setting

1. Make a list of your goals to achieve.

2. Set the priorities (which ones are a MUST to achieve).

3. For each goal write down every step that needs to happen and then organise each step into a sequence of events the will lead you to your goal.

MUST do - there will be serious consequences if you don’t

SHOULD do - discipline yourself never to do these until the Musts have been completed NICE to do - may not matter if you never do them at all

DELEGATE - whatever low value tasks you can to someone else

ELIMINATE-The only way to really get control of your time is to stop doing things. Particularly those things that have no value whatsoever to your long-term goal.

4. Now breakdown each sequence of events into sizeable chunks that you can achieve in the short-term. Specific things that you can do right now to achieve your most important goals in the long-term.

Key Result Areas (KRA's)

Can’t decide what’s the most important or has the greatest positive impact then.................... Visualise yourself in the future having achieved your goal(s). What does that look like?

From your list of goals.

If you could do one thing all day long to contribute the most value to (career, life, financial independence, relationships, health). What would that be?

If you could two things all day long, what would they be?

If you could two things all day long, what would they be?

Write them down, then all the steps to achieve that, select the most important thing and then start it NOW, don’t get distracted.

Discipline Yourself

From your list of steps.

What is the first, then second and then discipline yourself to take that first step.

Discipling yourself to only do those things that move you towards your goals, all day long. Making sure you complete a task before moving on to the next one.

Consider the consequences of DOING (positive) and NOT DOING the tasks.


Really do you have to check your phone or emails every 30 seconds?

Use your discretion but TURN IT OFF, set yourself particular times to check and respond to important messages.

Remember you are focused and working on a step to reach your goals.

How good will it feel to have started and completed a task in the morning?

It will feel great

Task Completion

Completing low value tasks will give you some satisfaction but completing high value tasks moving you towards your goals will make you feel amazing and motivated to do more.

Soon you will realise that those low value tasks take up less and less of your time because you have eliminated them, because you know what is important to get you where you want to be.

Still Procrastinating

Have CLARITY, be absolutely clear about what you want to achieve,

what is important and FOCUS on that.

Often we have too many things on the go, too many distractions, leaving us unable to CONCENTRATE on the things that is most important to ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL.

Overwhelmed by a task

If it is a big task and you feel overwhelmed by it, don’t try to do it all at once.

Take a moment, break it down into all the steps and sequence of events that need to happen to complete the task.

In no time, you will have started, stopped procrastinating and got rid of distractions because you know what is important to you to achieve your goals.

Each time you have completed a step congratulate yourself.

Don't let Your Biggest Regret be I Didn't Start!

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