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Quit Smoking

Hypnotherapy for smoking can help you have your last cigarette ever

  • Give you the motivation to stop smoking - and stay stopped

  • Break the connections - the triggers that keep you smoking

  • Develop strong internal resources - to meet your subconscious needs

  • Feel positive about becoming a non-smoker

Stop Smoking Hypnosis 


The only thing that prevents us from quitting is FEAR!

Fear - that it is hard and  the cravings will be too much
Fear - that social occasions will not be quite as enjoyable without a cigarette

Fear - that you can’t concentrate or be as confident without that crutch 
Fear - that your identity your personality or your character will change

Fear - that you will lose the “helpful friend” that helps you cope with stress 
Fear - that quitting may cause you to gain a few pounds.

Does Hypnosis really work to help people stop smoking?

Yes it does, in-fact when celebrities want to stop smoking, hypnosis is often the method they use.  Here are just a few:

  • Remember Obi Wan Kenobi in Star Wars aka Ewan McGregor, well he was a heavy smoker for years and quit in 2007 and says " hypnosis made stopping effortless".

  • Love the stunning singing voice of Adele, hard to imagine she was once a 20 a day smoker.  She said "Goodbye" to smoking just before she released "Hello".

  • Matt Damon showed his True Grit when he quit with hypnosis, talking about his hypnotherapist  "He taught me that the reason you finally quit is because you look at what cigarettes do to you," Damon told Parade magazine of the hypnosis.

Is Quit Smoking Hypnosis for me?

It is important to understand that everyone is different in the reasons they smoke and their motivation to stopping. Contact me today for a confidential chat on the stop smoking hypnotherapy approach and make sure it is the right time for you. 


Many of my clients stop smoking with hypnosis in the first session .


So what does it Cost? The price of the stop smoking hypnosis Brisbane program is $530 with an initial session of 2hrs and a follow-up session for smoking if you need it, T & C's apply.


Perhaps, just think for a moment  if you're a 20/day smoker you're wasting around $240-280 per week. What have you got to show for puffing away money besides a hacking cough, smelly breath and clothes and an unhealthy future? 

 Now visualise what exciting things you could choose to do instead when you say No. 

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