What is Hypnotherapy?


Hypnotherapy is the practice of hypnosis for therapeutic purposes by a qualified professional hypnotherapist. 

APT hypnotherapy is a safe and nurturing environment, Diane will induce a deep state of relaxation and concentration where you will be able to focus your attention on what's going on inside your mind and body, even though you are more open to suggestion you are always in control and aware of your surroundings.  In this receptive state of consciousness it lets you see yourself and your surroundings in new and different ways.


There are a number of uses to help people deal with physical and emotional problems, such as gaining control over undesired behaviours or help you cope better with anxiety or pain.


It is a valuable tool for anyone seeking to create positive lasting change in themselves, rapidly and effectively


What does it feel like?


Have you ever experienced whilst reading or at the movies you were so absorbed in the story that everything else was blocked out, this is how hypnosis feels.  The movie finishes and then you consciously realise how sore your back is or you’re hungry, you were so wrapped up in the movie you hadn’t noticed these.


In this naturally occurring state  with the help of a qualified hypnotherapist you can guide your thoughts, your feelings and creativity to focus on specific thoughts or tasks without unwanted distractions. Hypnosis enables targeting problems at their source in your subconscious and addressing the conflict between the conscious and the subconscious process to bring about positive change.

What happens when I book a Hypnotherapy session?


I understand the anguish you may have gone through to make that initial contact

to learn more about or make an appointment for hypnotherapy.  


What compelled you to get this far? perhaps your unconscious is already telling you enough is enough and now is the time to step out of your comfort zone and start on your journey to achieve your goals whatever they may be.


The initial contact involves an obligation free confidential discussion on what goals you want to achieve, and your commitment and motivation to achieve those goals. This helps with understanding whether the services I provide are the best fit for your circumstances.


Prior to your first session, you will be asked to complete a client intake form.  This is your agreement. If you have undiagnosed pain or under the management of a psychiatrist including medication for psychosis, a Doctors referral is required.


At the first session we will explore more the goals you want to achieve and the things that are holding you back now. A customised program will be tailored to you.  Typically a minimum of 3 sessions is required to achieve the sustainable transformation you desire.  You may find however that your initial goals change and the program will be adapted accordingly.

Want to know more 

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